Waterfront Base Jump Tower

Middle East
The brief was to design a new base jumping tower, providing a platform for extreme sports with elevated views of the surrounding city skyline. The expressive building form of the 325m high tower is created through the sculptural external hexagrid skin. This structural skin flares out at the base and top of tower to provide not only structural stability but also to house a series of extreme sports activities.

Conceptually, the tower's functions emulate the ascent to Mount Everest, with multiple 'base camps' locating a variety of extreme climbing, abseiling, and jumping activities.
Retail, Sports
Site Area:
Architecture, Masterplanning, CGI
Design Completion 2015
The base and lower levels of the tower contain training, simulator, and visitor experiences including junior climbing walls, wire assisted high diving, and free-fall facilities. The lower levels of the tower are intended to cater for tourists and families, and their facilities interact directly with the activity plaza.
In the mid-levels of the tower, semi-external climbing and abseiling environments are located between the hexagrid skin and the central core, creating a 140m high elevated climbing experience. Opportunities for vertical cliff camping at this level also provide a unique way to experience the city skyline.

At the uppermost level, the tower volume flares out to create a series of ice climbs for the most experienced of climbers. The three peaks of the tower are designed as platforms for wire assisted free fall and base jump points.


Design Partner - Gordon Affleck

Project Partner - Chris Jones


Architectural Team

Kishor Lad, Jamie Webb, George Aguirre, Kevis Wong, Nick Benner, Silan Yip, Yao Ma, Yao Yap


CGI Team

Jon Martin, David Guardado, Laura Simonsen, Warith Zaki, Yasser Salomon




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