A Partnership for Design Innovation: SB Architects Joins 10 Design


In a bold new partnership, 10 Design and SB Architects have come together to create a global design force. By leveraging the strengths and expertise of both firms, the combined firm will drive innovation and excellence in the architecture and design industry.

The newly combined firm will operate as 10 Design on a global scale, besides the Americas where, to harness SB Architects' strong reputation in the region, will provisionally operate as 10 SB.

This strategic decision allows the 10 Design to expand geographically, while unifying the strengths, expertise, and resources of the two firms to create a joint design powerhouse on a worldwide stage. 

With a remarkable 76 years of combined experience, the newly evolved 10 Design represents a perfect union of design excellence and innovation. The deep industry expertise and established reputation of SB Architects, paired with the innovative approach and fresh outlook of 10 Design, form a dynamic force in the industry. This powerful fusion has already garnered international recognition, with the firm recently named one of the top 50 most significant architectural practices in the world at this year's WA100, a testament to its growing influence and impact in the field.