Expo Pavilion

By imagining, making, communicating, and sharing within the pavilion's activity spaces on the ground, a bright and open future is revealed in the clouds above. We developed our concept for the pavilion to respond to the idea of communicating, openness, hospitality, and change.

10 Design's vision was to create a memorable pavilion that celebrates the country today, and shares the hopes, achievements, and creativity of the future. By removing the pavilion walls, we are removing barriers to interaction, allowing spaces to flow and movement to be fluid and relaxed.
Cultural & Civic
Site Area:
Architecture, CGI
Design Completion 2018
The pavilion is organised to allow visitors to connect with the people and the chronology of the country by discovering its rich history and culture, experiencing its hospitality and landscape, and contributing toward its future.
The formal proposition is inspired by nature and delivers a journey without walls where visitors are welcomed in to experience the country through an undulating landscape. The landscape reflects its topography and geology and contains a discovery hall with spaces for innovation, creation, and contemplation.
The landscape contains activities for children refreshment and relaxation areas, and is organised around a 'Hakawati' zone, reflecting the ancient tradition of storytelling, emphasising conversation and connection, and is shaded by a dream cloud symbolising the future. The landscape gently rises to meet the future cloud, leading visitors upwards and creating a fluid link between the present and the future.
The future cloud would contain 4 areas themed around the senses: sight, scent, sound, and touch. Content from around the pavilion would be broadcast and displayed for visitors to experience.


Design Partner - Paul Rodgers
Project Partner - Chris Jones

Architectural Team
Javier Perea, Alex Cozma, Jon Derrin, Megan Hurford, Jonathan Lynn

CGI Team
Peter Alsterholm, Yasser Salomon, Henry Han, Adisak Yavilas, Francisco Barrera


10 Design - Design Architect
WME - Lead Consultant
360 Design Studio - Project Manager
AESG - Façade and Sustainability Engineer
Met Studio - Content Consultant



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