Dongguan University of Technology International Cooperation Zone

Dongguan, China
10 Design (part of Egis Group), in collaboration with local architect BIAD, has won an international competition to design a new campus for the International Co-operation Innovation Zone (phase 1) at Dongguan University of Technology in China.

Situated in an ecological belt of the Songshan Lake district, the new campus sprawls over a wider site area of 137,273 sqm.  Phase 1 of which will provide large shared facilities, residential areas and flexible laboratory spaces to create a world class research destination.

Our design for the new campus is deeply rooted in the natural environment of the site, offering a people-oriented, sustainable and technology-driven campus. The main facilities are all fully integrated with the existing landscape, providing a healthy, flexible and vibrant campus for scientists and researchers.
Dongguan Urban Engineering Construction Administration Bureau
Educational Institute and Public Facilities
Site Area:
101,673sqm (Phase 1)
193,500sqm (Phase 1)
Masterplanning, Architecture (Phase 1)
Design in Progress
Inspired by the idea of creating a ‘knowledge park’, 10 Design has envisioned a central courtyard that functions as the heart of the campus to foster social interaction and knowledge exchange.

The University’s shared facilities and laboratory spaces unfold around this green space, providing equal access and visibility and delivering a first-class R&D building to attract the best research talent from across the world.
Three sculptural buildings sit at the heart of the courtyard, accommodating lecture halls and multi-purpose rooms of different scales. These spaces are designed to promote interdisciplinary communication and interaction, bringing academic vitality and innovation as a natural driver for the entire campus.
The central courtyard is also defined by a shared ‘street’ colonnade which links the research and learning spaces with the residential accommodation.  It creates a pedestrian route for the campus, provides protection from the weather, and offers informal meeting spaces that enjoy views towards the central green area.
At the east end of the campus, an iconic, window-shaped building features flexible research, office and exhibition spaces on either side, framing the views beyond. A series of cascading gardens within the building’s frame create a lush green oasis. The ‘window’ building is completed at the top by large-scale executive meeting rooms and exhibition spaces which provide views out across the campus and the Songshan Lake district.  This new gateway to the campus will provide improved access to Dongguan and become a new landmark in the city.
The design for the new campus of the Dongguan University of Technology maximises the natural texture of the site and brings together landscape, science and talent.

winning awards

RTF Global Architecture & Design Award 2023 - Second Award - Institutional (Built)
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2023 - Runner-up, Institutional
International Design Awards 2022 - Bronze, Architecture - Institutional
Outstanding Property Awards London 2022 - Winner, Architectural Design - Educational / Institutional
The 7th REARD Global Design Award 2022 - Honorable Mention, Culture/Education, Architecture (Concept Scheme)

International Design Competition - Winner


Design Partner - Nick Cordingley
Project Partner - Edmond Lau
Project Leaders - Mohamad Ghamlouch, Yushan Wu

Architectural Team
Bryan Diehl, Jan Henao, Shuo Zhang, Zack Cai, Hallen Deng, Mia Zang, Sylvia Li, Wesley Soo, Ted Tan, Christie Yeung, Freya Yang, Kevin Mok, Jackie Cheung, Tim Chow, Leanne Guo, Alan Yip


10 Design - Lead Design Architect
Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd - Project Architect (Lead)
BIAD (Shenzhen) - Project Architect
Jiancai Guangzhou Construction Surveying Institution - Project Architect

Visualisation by Frontop



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