Huafa Kowloon Bay Centre

Weihai, China
Huafa Kowloon Bay Centre is located along the Yangjia Bay waterfront of the new Weihai Central Business District in China. The brief aims to define a focal point for business, leisure and retail in the south end of the city. The project aspires to create a landmark civic statement with the new 280+meter tower which is designed to anchor the new CBD.

The 306,000sqm GFA development is positioned as a diverse and premium mixed use development providing world class hotel, banquet, office, residential, F&B and retail spaces.

Along with the retail and F&B, the permanently occupied office and hotel towers will help to ensure integration and activation of the development within the wider urban context.
Huafa Group
Retail, Office, Hotel, Residential, Serviced Apartment, Cultural & Civic
Site Area:
Architecture, Masterplanning, Landscape, Sustainability, CGI
Under Construction
The triangular shaped plot is defined by the existing 'Shu Gang Road' to the east, existing 'Bin Hai Avenue' to the north, and the proposed 'Planning Street' to the west. The site slopes up dramatically from the coastline with an overall 10m height difference.

The project is to be innately linked with the adjacent mixed use development located to the north on the Yangjia Bay waterfront. The two developments will interact with one another to create a continuous retail environment connecting the new CBD with the water's edge.
The tower is designed as four disconnected and faceted glazed planes which conceptually bounce and reflect up from the hotel banquet and retail podium below. The planes are cracked open and held apart on each of the building's four corners and provide the opportunity to direct key views out over Yangjia Bay and the Lishukuang mountains.

The four perpendicular faces of the building create four distinct and contrasting characters which change with the reflection of landscape and the sea in the changing position of the reflecting sun.
A 5 Star Hotel is located in the upper 15 floors of the tower and includes a Sky Lobby and Recreation Deck. Serviced Apartments occupy the middle three tiers with office accommodation at the base.

The development boasts a 1,200sqm 5-Star Banquet Ballroom with access to an external terrace and private light well garden.
10 Design has created an open-air "retail street" shopping and F&B destination which will generate activity and interest and draw people into the development.

A primary retail street route runs the full length of the plot and steps up to follow the topography so is publically accessible at entrance level from all angles. A central open-air retail plaza creates an opportunity for events, displays, performances, and meeting place.

A pedestrian bridge connection is to be provided over Bin Hai Avenue to provide a continuous retail environment to the waterfront.

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Design Partners - Gordon Affleck, Paul Rodgers
Project Partner - Miriam Auyeung (COO)
Project Leader - Javier Perea

Architectural Team
Jason Easter, Wei Liu, Jon Morrison, Jon Derrin, Daria Morrison, Javier Manjon, Alessandra Varonier, Emily Xiao, Shaun McLeod, Armand Agraviador, Suzanne Priestley, Jessica Barton


Photo courtesy of Huafa Group



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