Zhuhai Huafa Plaza

Zhuhai, China
Huafa Plaza amalgamates 2 key development sites within the new Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, China. It accommodates over 390,000sqm of boutique retail, F&B facilities, and office space when built. The design consists of 3 high rise towers together with 3 boutique retail and F&B environments. 

The development takes advantage of its park and waterside location by utilising elevated external dining terraces that take full benefit of the waterfront views. The development has an emphasis on interaction with external spaces rather than the internal space of a traditional mall with the terraces helping to define and shade intimate ground level spaces and garden courtyards.

Huafa Group
Retail, Office
Site Area:
Under Construction
Activated by F&B facilities, layers of planted terraces are staggered along the esplanade, leading people to open waterfront views near ground level. Above that, large sculptural canopies provide cover to these intimate spaces, bringing together the human scale of landscaped courtyards and the urban scale of high-rise towers.
Each tower made up of 3 distinct volumes, rising and sliding past each other to create a simple but elegant layered form topped by a series of of cascading roof terraces. The vertical façade frame pattern opens up gradually at top and bottom for an appropriate sense of scale, while the undulating tower crowns bring dynamics to an already spectacular skyline.

All units are orientated to maximise panoramic waterfront and mountain views without compromising privacy. At the same time, elevated amenity space at podium terraces and roof gardens enriches the retail street life experience.


Adopting a shared sympathetic design approach to embrace Zhuhai’s unique waterfront character, the whole development weaves into the existing urban context to create a new vibrant destination.


Design Partner - Gordon Affleck
Project Partner - Miriam Auyeung (COO)

Architectural Team

Sonja Stoffels, Gwyneth Choi, Terence Ho, Kumiko Xu, Bryan Diehl, David Emmer, Sheenam Mujoo, Tim Williams, Yang Wang, Alexey Golbraykh, Phil Gray, Jonathan Lynn, Jose Castaneda, Javier Manjon, Almudena Lacruz, Yan Liu

Photo courtesy of Huafa Group



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