Urban Air Mobility

Amidst the rapid advances in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technologies and increasing international investment in the budding urban air mobility (UAM) sector, 10 Design and our parent company, Egis, are engaged in an ongoing discourse focused on understanding the key parameters, opportunities and constraints around UAM implementation and integration into the built environment.

As architects and urban planners, 10 Design are developing a number of projects focused around ‘nomadic infrastructures’.  The design team is particularly interested in understanding how existing city centres like Paris might retroactively adapt to this additional mode of transit.  At the same time, the design team is also considering how new large-scale urbanisations, such as the central business district (CBD) and transport oriented development (TOD) projects of Asian cities like Shanghai, can supplement their programmatic offerings to capitalise on the additional connectivity and added-value UAM may provide.
More importantly, 10 Design is investigating how the integration into the existing transit system will define the daily user experiences and is exploring how one can access and exploit previously untapped urban territories and how existing static infrastructure such as multilevel carparks, roads and basements can be re-programmed to support sustainable urban development.

With an UAM future, which is imminent, the white paper sets the foundation for further collaboration and visioning of its implementation and impact.
Existing city centre .. Paris
New large scale urban district .. Shanghai


Design Team
Leonard Milford, Design Partner
Jason Easter, Associate Partner - Design

In collaboration with Egis
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