The Core of Zhuhai City Heart

Zhuhai, China
The Core of Zhuhai City Heart Masterplan proposes a large scale mixed used development with a total GFA of circa 1,385,000sqm. Located in old factory area of Jida in Zhuhai, China, the masterplan aims to rejuvenate the area into a precedent mixed use district, fusing commercial, residential, and recreation together.

The masterplan consists of mid to high end residential development, retail streets, cultural amenities, green zones, and recreation facilities. With an existing mature traffic network and auxiliary amenity, this new core district is designed to increase land and development value, stimulate activities in the surrounding sites, revitalise the city's image, protect existing local population by providing adequate resettlement housing, and become a new landmark metropolis.

Huafa Group
Retail, Office, Hotel, Residential, Serviced Apartment, Cultural & Civic, Education
Site Area:
Architecture, Masterplanning, Landscape, CGI
Design Completion 2015
The design approach introduces a central plaza and a series of interconnected garden spaces throughout the sites to succinctly unify the development and provide unique and lively spaces activated by retail and F&B, allowing much needed open space for the area. This way, the design embraces a holistic mixed use centre, where residential, commercial, and leisure seamlessly weave into the urban setting rather than in segregations.
The program is stacked vertically into a terraced massing taking on the form of an abstracted mountain. Terraces slide in and out of the massing forming garden plazas for F&B and offices. The buildings are designed to promote interaction between people and programs and act as an incubator hub for smaller creative offices.
A centralised garden design divides the site into five primary neighbourhoods with two main plazas introduced in the north and south of the site to provide connections with the surrounding masterplans. The main pedestrian pathways through the site wrap around this central form. This central zone occupies the four central internal street corners of the four surrounding primary neighbourhoods.
Each of the four surrounding neighbourhoods provide further residential, F&B, retail, and offices, with the tallest tower (150m) occupying the Southern Plaza. The Core of Zhuhai City Heart aims to create a vibrant destination for the inhabitants with great urban connectivity to the surrounding districts and natural environment.

winning awards

HKILA Landscape Awards 2016 - Finalist
International Design Competition - Winner


Design Partner - Ted Givens
Project Partner - Miriam Auyeung (Chief Operating Officer)

Architectural Team
Peby Pratama, Ray Lam, Ruizhao Zhang, Daniel Wang, Yan Liu



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