Bay Valley Science & Technology Park

Shanghai, China
The Bay Valley Science and Technology Park is a new office development, comprising low and mid-rise corporate headquarter office buildings designed for city and regional enterprises in New Jiangwan, Shanghai.

It contains 22 office buildings ranging in height from 40m to 80m tall. 10 Design worked closely with Shanghai Chengtou Holding throughout the design and construction process to deliver a business park development of world class quality.

All building locations and forms were carefully considered to avoid overlooking issues, maximise views, and create a sense of scale and hierarchy within the masterplan.
Shanghai Chengtou
Corporate Headquarters for R&D, Science and Technology companies
Site Area:
Architecture, Masterplanning, Landscape, Sustainability, Interiors, CGI
Built 2014
The low-rise corporate headquarter buildings with shared atria are oriented along the eastern side of the site with optimal views of the central green park. Along the western side of the central green space, 13 storey high rise towers are located around large drop-off plazas and courtyards. At the northern and southern ends of the central green space, two 18 storey towers mark pedestrian gateways into the site.
The high rise office buildings are flexibly designed to allow for single large tenants or multiple tenant occupants on each floor. The central green space runs along the entire site. Public amenities are located along this axis with functions including retail, dining, and meeting and exhibition facilities. A large public amenity building containing meeting rooms, exhibition, and conference facilities hovers over a one storey podium in the middle of the site. The main multi-purpose space is wrapped in glass with a metal screen to allow views into the central green space.

winning awards

READesign China Award 2014-2015 - Finalist


Design Partner - Scott Findley
Project Partner - Barry Shapiro (Managing Partner, Asia)

Architectural Team - Shanghai
Tania Conforti, Chen Yue Yue, Dai Yu Cheng, Dawen Qin, Zhu Qi

Architectural Team - Hong Kong
Garry Phillips, Nigel Height

Architectural Team - UK
Adrian Boot, Philip Gray, Robert Rodriguez

Landscape Team
Ewa Koter, Fabio Pang

Sustainable Design Team

Sean Quinn, Laura Rusconi Clerici

CGI Team
Jon Martin, Shane Dale


Photo courtesy of Kerun Ip



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